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Frequently asked questions

Can I change my tariff plan?

You can change your tariff plan at any time - add or remove additional options, the number of active customers is automatically calculated by the system. The tariff plan is easily set up in the "Licensing" section when you choose a convenient payment option, online payment by card or invoice for a legal entity is available. Just click on the option you want and they are activated in the tariff or you can contact technical support (chat on the right below).

How are active customers calculated in the tariff?

The system counts as active customers who have visited at least 1 lesson in the last 30 days. A database of leads and archived customers, users without limits.

Will the data in the test access be saved for 14 days?

Yes, all the data and settings made are saved in the full version of the system.

Do you have a summer freeze?

Yes, we have the ability to freeze in any period of suspension, in multiples of a month. To freeze, email: with the name of your account, for example, "" and the period for which the system will be frozen.

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