Stripe Integration

Stripe Integration

In order for customers to pay for training from their personal account in the system and payments are automatically added to customer accounts, you can connect the integration with Internet acquiring Stripe.

Go to the website and register your personal account.
After registration, enter your personal account, go to the Developers section on the left in the menu and click on the API keys item .
Copy Publishable key and Secret key (press Reveal before copying ).

In the AlfaCRM interface, click on the wrench in the top panel and go to the Internet acquiring section . Select a Stripe provider . In the Secret key field, paste the information from the Secret key field. In the Public key field you need to paste the copied Publishable key.
In the same window, copy the link from the Webhook URL field .

In Stripe, go to the Webhooks section, click Add endpoint .

In the Endpoint URL field, paste the copied link and click on " all events " below . Then click on the Add endpoint button .

After adding the webhook in the Signing secret field, click Click to reveal .

Copy the information in this section and paste it into AlfaCRM in the Secret signature field.
Next, select an e-mail for notifications, a cashier and an article for acquiring payments. Also, in the Information for the customer field, you can specify a note that the customer will see when paying. Then click Save .

Integration is now complete. If you have any questions, you can contact the chat in the lower right corner of the system or email


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