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Exam preparation
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Mental Arithmetic
Art Schools
Beauty education
Football clubs

Sales Automation

ALFACRM automatically collects incoming applications from various sources - phone calls, website, social media, email.

Such requests fall into a single sales funnel, where we provide all the necessary tools for the effective work of the sales department.

Sales automation

Analytics on desktop

Keep your finger on the pulse! Take advantage of a large set of analytical tools to monitor vital signs.

We suggest creating your own Dashboard with a set of charts. Some of them can be displayed on the public dashboard, while others can be left on the private dashboard.

Desktop Analytics

Educational business processes

CRM system automatically calculates subscriptions (monthly, overtime), reducing the risk of errors and abuse in the work of managers.

The system stores the entire history of interactions with the student: payments, lessons, debits, contracts, etc. All changes to the client data are also saved.

Educational business processes

Financial accounting and analysis

Tools for accounting for income and expenses, segmentation by cash registers, accounts, and items of income and expenses.

Analytics in comparative charts and printed forms for various indicators (CAC, LTV, ARPU, Retention, Outflow, etc.) in cross-sections for the period and in dynamics.

Accounting and analysis of finances

Personal customer account

Your students can see their schedules online and download their homework and class files.

Parents and adult students can pay bills, read news, and keep in touch with school staff.

Personal customer account

Customization system for you

ALFACRM adapts specifically to your business processes: modules are disabled, menus, main and additional fields, filters and data segments are configured.

It is important to set up a comfortable name for the main sections (someone has children, someone has students, someone has clients).

Customizing the system for you

You get

  1. Customer base growth

    Thanks to sales automation, some of our clients were able to increase the influx of students by 60%.

  2. Efficiency in business

    Tracking the work of teachers and managers, improving the quality of service and satisfaction.

  3. Increase in revenue

    Automatic notifications about lessons and payments, working with debtors allow you to achieve an increase in revenue.

  4. Customer loyalty

    Your customers will be satisfied with the quality service, and will recommend you to your friends more often.

  5. Analysis and control

    The ability to respond to changes in business performance and make management decisions.

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Olga Telpt
Olga Telpt
2x2 school
Benicia, USA
I like most of the tools: accounting for students, teachers, finances and lessons. The ability to attach text homework and files.
Sergey Melchinski
Sergey Melchinski
Prague, Czech Republic
I like the instant response from support to questions, solved the problem the calculation of subscriptions, discount accounting, a huge variety of types of lessons. The price is great!
Denis Salakhiev
Denis Salakhiev
Mental arithmetic centre
Moscow, Russia
Pleasant to work with in the CRM and looks great, logically clear. Support is always in touch. So far this is the best system I've seen for educational centres!
Mikhail Ishkhanian
Mikhail Ishkhanian
Programming courses Avenue
Moscow, Russia
We have been using ALFACRM for two years at three branches. We use it for everything: student payments, accounting for classes, teachers salaries. The service is superb!

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